Newspapers cooperate with the fast-loan industry

This with loans, not least fast loans and sms loans, is a lucrative industry that attracts many companies. Partly companies that offer loans themselves and partly intermediaries where you can make your application but who do not offer loans themselves and partly sites where you can compare loans and then make your application directly with the lender. So it’s no wonder that the press, and the owners behind the Swedish press, have chosen to cooperate with the fast-loan industry as well.

It is quite interesting considering the black painting the media has devoted to fast loans. Admittedly, journalists themselves are not directly involved in this, but after all, the revenue goes into the companies and it is the companies that pay their salaries.

Criticized industry


Loans in general are not controversial, but when it comes to fast loans, the critics are many. Politicians and the media have long criticized sms and other fast loans. The entire industry is black painted and hard-angled articles with factual errors in the press are common.

Many times the media does not include all the facts (which may be too positive) in their reporting because it does not fit into their angled article. Despite this, the media owner chooses to cooperate with the fast-loan industry. After all, there is money to be made.

Interesting double standards


There, loans are listed just like on any loan site and there you can also see how quickly you get the money, whether payment remarks are okay or not and whether the credit company takes UC or not.

In their list of loans we find well-known banks and credit companies that offer private loans, such as Bank Norwegian and ICA Bank, but also fast loans (aka sms loans) with high effective interest rates, such as Euroloan , Credway and Aasa Kredit . Not only that, in Good Finance’s loan guide you are attracted that you can borrow money quickly , that you can actually take out a loan without the lender doing any UC check and that you can borrow money despite payment remarks and so on.

Good Finance has thus started to collaborate


With an industry that they have criticized so harshly. Although they write that the page is an advertisement, they also write that it is a collaboration between Good Finance and Mytaste Group. Thus, the express makes money on every quick loan taken through their loan guide and it is startling. And it is startling that their “ad” is on their own subdomain.

No, we at Orlando hardly think it is immoral that Good Finance and Good Credit make money on this because we believe that adults can take responsibility for their own decisions, just as most people do not think it is immoral to sell wine at the system company or cigarettes at ICA even though it can even kill people. But surely it is a little funny that they work directly or indirectly with an industry they are so keen on criticizing? The fast loan business might not be so bad anyway?

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