Consolidate debts -Instant debt consolidation loan

Instant debt consolidation loan

Question Answer
What does payday loan consolidation do and what benefits does it bring me? Debt consolidation means consolidating debts and bringing a lot of benefits – not only do you pay for one installment instead of several installments, but it often brings consolidation as well as a lower total installment or total money savings, so visit this site right here. Debt consolidation almost always pays off.
What is the highest amount I can get from chasis team? Maximum 50% of the collateral value of the property or CZK 3,000,000. Conversely, the minimum loan amount is CZK 100,000.
What is the maximum maturity of this loan? You can repay the loan for up to 20 years.
Can consolidation be approved without my property being pledged? Unfortunately, no. You must provide the property as a guarantee, otherwise chasis team will not provide you with a loan.
Is this offer also for people with a debtor register? Yes, these are non-bank loans and so people who have a debtor’s register can get them without any problems. It is crucial to have a property that will serve as a guarantee.
Is it possible to repay the loan early? Yes, you can repay the loan early if you wish.
What is the interest rate for consolidating chasis team loans? Interest rates on this type of loan start at 12.99% pa
Will I have to pay a fee in advance? Definitely not – you don’t have to pay any fees in advance. You don’t have to worry about it being a scam.
Does chasis team have a stone branch I can visit? Yes, the establishment of this company is located in Merizkons, and if you make an appointment in advance, a personal visit is possible.
Why should I consolidate my loans with chasis team? There are plenty of advantages and strengths in this consolidation – such as not looking into the debtors’ register, no advance fees, the possibility of early repayment, and many other benefits. In addition, it is possible to resolve debts not only from classic loans but also from mortgages or credit cards.

Frequent types

Consolidation is intended for:

  • For those who want to merge all their loans, mortgages or credit cards into a single commitment
  • For those who own the property, they provide as a guarantee
  • For adults, who will document all required documents and documents
  • For those who have an entry in the debtor’s register, and the bank would not approve them

Consolidation not determined:

  • Those who have not yet been 18 years old or have been deprived of legal capacity
  • Those who need a loan for less than 100,000 CZK
  • Those who need more than CZK 3,000,000
  • Those who have no real estate would be liable for

Quick information

Quick information

Loan Unification Conditions

  • 1 You must not be less than 18 years old
  • 2 You must be eligible for legal action
  • 3 You must have a property that you will be liable for
  • 4 You must submit personal documents and documents for the pledged property

Features of this consolidation

  • Non-bank loan consolidation
  • Consolidating loans without a registry

Consolidation assessment

Loan Consolidation chassis team has an average rating of 3 out of 5 possible. In total, the service of chasis team sro evaluated exactly 52 customers.

Until recently, I didn’t even know that there was an chasis team company. That is why I was somewhat skeptical about their offer to merge loans, and I did not believe that it could be advantageous for me. But finally I filed the application and definitely do not regret – all my installments I united into one and my financial situation is so much better and my accounts are clearer. I can only recommend consolidating chasis team loans.

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