Be A Medical Supply Rep

When it comes to a sales job, being a medical supply rep has a lot of advantages. You are not stuck in an office all day waiting for sales to come to you – you get to go out and look for business. This is a very social position and involves a lot of time on the road. Most of your income will be in the form of sales commission and you can expect to be assigned some stiff targets to reach. What it great though is that you are, by and large, working for yourself – you directly see the results of an increased level of effort reflected in your salary at the end of the month.

Tertiary education is not essential but is advisable to give you a competitive advantage. You should look into, at the very least, a sales course and also consider some form of medical training or short course as well.

Many of the medical supply companies do fully train their staff from the ground up. This can be a fantastic opportunity for you to learn. Start off by applying for a job with a large pharmaceutical company. Be willing to get a real entry level position in need. You can always apply for better positions once you get in.

It will not always be possible to get a medical rep job straight off the bat. Do not be discouraged, simply apply for other sales positions – even if the industry is totally unrelated. What you want to do is to be able to hone your sales skills. The basic skills that you will use to sell just about anything will be around about the same anyway. Selling is selling at the end of the day – you can learn to do it anywhere. Visit to know more.

Whilst filling in time, still work on yourself so that you have a better chance of getting your dream job should it come up. Do relevant short courses, keep up to date with advances in the industry and, above all else, put yourself out there – apply for posts whenever you see them come up. You will get interviewed at some point. Use the interview to sell yourself.

Being successful during an interview means projecting an air of confidence and showing that you are the right fit for the job. If you can adequately sell yourself, you qualifications, or lack thereof, become less important. Put some effort into successful interviews.